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Football Underway

September 19, 2016

My girlfriend is pretty well recovered from the broken ankle. She has finished her physical therapy and mostly walks without a cane. She has resumed visiting me in Lexington.

We’re a few weeks into college football season. Ohio State looks pretty good on both sides of the ball. The latest conquest was a 45-24 win at Oklahoma Saturday night. JT Barrett looks fine at quarterback, and the Bucks seem solid at most all positions.

Obviously it’s early yet, but if I had to predict the four teams for the playoffs it would be Ohio State, Alabama, Louisville and Houston (not necessarily in that order). One has to be impressed with Louisville’s 63-20 blow out of Florida State Saturday.

As usual, Kentucky’s season started out with lots of optimism, but the reality was more of a flop. After taking a 35-10 lead over visiting Southern Mississippi, the Cats lost their opener 44-35. A trip to Gainesville resulted in a lopsided loss. Saturday, UK picked up a 62-42 home win over New Mexico State. There may be a change at quarterback for the Cats, as backup Stephen Johnson looked good in coming off the bench to lead UK to the win.