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May Wrapup

June 5, 2017

May ended up being a big month for me and my Little Free Library. I assembled some “message boards” for the side walls which I can use for information or decorations. I also got the idea to put a micro-power FM transmitter on the air with a continuous loop of information about the library. It is on 90.5 if you happen to be close by. I have a Facebook page for the library at:

For a long time I had been wanting to look at the other Little Free Libraries in town. A friend of mine and I did that on Memorial Day. I created a Flickr collection and will be adding to it as I visit other libraries. I am also working on a YouTube video. Here is a link to the Flickr collection:

I recently visited Rick Howard who operates the Antique Radio Warehouse in Berea. It is really a must-see if you are in the neighborhood.