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June Wrapup

July 2, 2017

June is the best month of the year for Sporadic-E propagation, which is the primary skip mode for the six-meter band (50 MHz). I’ve managed to catch a number of openings this month, and have worked new Maidenhead grid squares and even some new countries. Sporadic-E occurs when the E-layer of the ionosphere becomes highly ionized, and begins refracting signals at much higher frequencies than normal.

The biggest weekend of the year in amateur radio is the fourth weekend in June which is Field Day, which is both a national contest and emergency preparedness exercise. Again this year I operated from home, but restricted myself to battery operation (as might be the case in an emergency) and low power (5 watts). I made about 180 contacts before my antenna developed a problem.

There was an excellent article in the May issue of QST magazine about installing Ubuntu-MATE on old computers. I had a bunch of old laptops running Windows XP, and have converted them to Ubuntu-MATE. Although I used Linux extensively while working at IBM I have not done much with it at home. I plan to explore ham radio and other applications on Linux in the near future.

On Memorial Day, a couple of us went out and visited a bunch of other Little Free Libraries in Lexington. I finally got the video assembled, and it can be found here: