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A Good Start to Football

September 1, 2019

August 6th saw a very good sporadic-E opening, probably the last good one of the season. I had the good fortune to catch it, and worked a bunch of new grid squares. The next morning, I had 400 grids confirmed on six meters in Logbook of the World, achieving a goal I’ve been working on for decades.

Ohio State and Kentucky started the season yesterday. The Bucks beat Florida Atlantic 45-21. I did not watch the whole game, and I am sure if I wanted to nitpick I could find some issues. But it wasn’t a bad start for new head coach Ryan Day.

I expected Toledo and Kentucky to have a close game, as I was suspicious of UK’s defensive secondary. The Cats started slow but won 38-24. Kentucky ran the ball more than I expected. There are several decent running backs looking to fill the shoes of Benny Snell. I still think it will be a tall order to equal last year’s 10 wins, but I’m prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

September has started out hot and humid, but nice autumn weather is right around the corner.