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Field Day on Gwinn Island

June 29, 2009

For the second year in a row, I operated Field Day as class 1B-battery using my Yaesu FT-817 running 5 watts. We rented cabin #1 on Gwinn Island in Herrington Lake.

The bands were good again this year as they were last year, but different in some respects. I made 141 QSOs this year compared to 118 last year. This year, I had almost 100 Qs on 20m, last year it was 100 Qs on 15m. Last year, more than 50% of my Qs were on SSB. This year, I made a grand total of 4 Qs on phone. The better band conditions increased the activity level, and my 5 watts of SSB were nowhere near as loud this year.

We had an odd start to the weekend. We arrived Friday at noon and got checked in. Upon arrival at the cabin, I noticed first that neither air conditioner was on (as I had been told), then realized there was no power in the cabin at all. Upon returning to the desk, I was told it was a “KU problem” (KU being the power company). Not a big deal I thought, power outages happen all the time.

Bonnie and I were sitting on the front porch reading when a group of ladies came by and asked if we had power. I said “no” and was told that the power had been shut off due to non-payment of the KU bill. Another group of people came by a few minutes later and confirmed it. One lady said she had seen KU shut off the meter.

A lot of conflicting information had been going around, and we didn’t know who to believe. The desk clerk insisted that someone had gone to pay the bill. I told Bonnie we would wait and see if the power was restored before the end of the business day. Sure enough, about 4:00, a KU truck came across the causeway and turned the power back on.

The Gwinn Island Marina and Campground has been a fixture in central Kentucky for decades. I hate to see it having financial problems.

The trip we didn’t take

June 22, 2009

One of the things we considered doing this weekend was going to Marietta, Ohio for the third annual “unorganized” Miata trip. Rain was in the forecast, and Bonnie and I had other things we needed to do. So, we took a pass on it this year.

One of the participants shot some video from the “Ohio Dragon”:

Successful migration to WordPress

June 21, 2009

I’ve seen a lot of WordPress blogs, and always liked the way they looked. When Yahoo 360 announced it was shutting down, I decided to migrate here. Very smooth transition, and I think this will be a good home.

I’ve been crazy busy trying to catch up on things after the recovery from my surgery. I always detail all 4 cars in the Spring, intending to get it done before the heat and humidity get too bad. This year a lot of the work was done in hot weather but now everything is done.

The saddest news since my last post was the passing of a very good friend of mine, Mike Pugh KA4MKG. Mike’s sudden passing has left the radio amateurs in central Kentucky in a state of shock.

The Lexington receiver on the GlobalTuners network will be offline for awhile. I have had a lot of trouble with the computer that hosts it, and I don’t have time in the near future to deal with it. But, someday it will be back and better than ever.

Next up: Field Day 2009!